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Osaka Popstar's animated video for "Where's the Cap'n?: Extra Crunchy Product Mix" starring Cap'n Crunch and the crew of the SS Guppy. Features rare footage from vintage Cap'n Crunch TV commercials of the 1960's and 1970's created and animated by Jay Ward (Rocky & Bullwinkle) with voice talent Daws Butler as the Cap'n & crew member Alfie (the tall), June Foray as crew member Brunhildie (the girl) and Bill Scott as crew member Dave (the untidy). Look for appearances by Crunch regulars Jean LaFoote the Barefoot Pirate, Crunchberry Beast, Smedley the Elephant plus cameos from classic cereal icons Quisp & Quake (also created and animated by Ward) and the silly Trix Rabbit too. The video and Extra Crunchy Product Mix by Osaka Popstar were created in honor of the 25th Anniversary of Quaker's "Where's the Cap'n?" campaign.

Dig in and enjoy this exclusive video for "Where's the Cap'n?" by Osaka Popstar and look for the official T-shirt available now in the Osaka Popstar online store.

In 1985 and 1999, the Cap'n disappeared. In 1985, Kids collected clues from three different cereal back panels to solve where the Cap'n had gone. The answer, released on December 14, 1985, revealed he was in the Milky Way. In Winter 1999, the Cap'n disappeared again. This time kids could log on to the internet to help solve the clues. In Spring 2000, the Cap'n was back. This time it was revealed he was in Volcanica (at the center of the Earth) saving the Earth's supply of Crunchium.

The All-New Extra Crunchy Product Mix of "Where's the Cap'n?" features Osaka Popstar frontman/producer John Cafiero on vocals with special guests including Jerry Only (the Misfits) on bass, Dez Cadena (Black Flag) on guitar and more.
Mix by Product © Caf Muzeck, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Osaka Popstar is the pop-punk multimedia music and art project led by singer/producer John Cafiero, long-time Misfits & Ramones collaborator and platinum selling film and video director. The critically acclaimed debut album “Osaka Popstar and the American Legends of Punk” as well as the live follow-up “Rock’Em O-Sock’Em Live!” features frontman Cafiero with a revolving lineup of punk-rock legends as his backing band including members of the Ramones, the Misfits, Black Flag, the Voidoids and more. The world of Osaka Popstar is a fusion of pop-culture that transcends into all facets of art including collaborations with Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids & Wacky Packages, Space Monkeys’ designer Dalek, Japan’s Mari-chan, Batman/Justice League/Ben 10’s Butch Lukic (to name just a few), animation, gallery shows, designer vinyl toys and much more.