Osaka Popstar made pop culture history by teaming with the world famous Topps trading card and bubble gum company to add a limited-edition (and highly collectible) official Osaka Popstar-Wacky Packages bonus sticker exclusively in specially-marked packages of the first pressing of the debut CD “Osaka Popstar & the American Legends of Punk”. Based on concepts by John Cafiero, the “Osaka Popcan” was painted by veteran Topps Artist John Pound--the genius behind countless Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids stickers--rendering Osaka Popstar as the first rock band to be immortalized as a “Wacky Pack,” the art form created during Pulitzer Prize-winning artist Art Spiegelman’s tenure at Topps.

John Williams from Topps Company, Inc. had this to say about the collaboration:

"Wacky Packages and Osaka Popstar share some of the same basic ingredients--a playful mix of fun, humor and good-natured rebellion. In the 70s, Wacky Packages achieved pop icon status after spawning a feverish collecting craze among kids. Now Wacky Packages are back to tickle the funny-bone of a whole new generation. John Pound has produced yet another Wacky masterpiece for the Osaka Popstar CD.

Bubble-gum card creator John Pound and Topps alike received a very enthusiastic response from the public for their involvement with the debut album and honored Osaka Popstar with a personal invitation to be featured in their all new seventh series of the infamous “Garbage Pail Kids” stickers/trading cards.

“Drum Kit” (#38a) and “Tom Tom” (#38b), can be found randomly inserted inside packs of Topps’ GPK ANS7. The complete base set includes 110 unique stickers/cards. The art depicts the full band in concert with a 2-headed Garbage Pail Kid drummer ferociously pounding on a snare drum. Stuck on the end of each drumstick are his bruised and battered decapitated heads! Behind him is an Osaka Popstar logo stage backdrop complete with fire breathing devil dog bookends and the entire lineup of the debut album “Osaka Popstar & the American Legends of Punk” performing live on stage, just as they appeared on their UK tour and nationwide throughout North America.

Upon their release, Osaka Popstar creator/frontman John Cafiero commented:

“It’s really surreal and a lot of fun to see Osaka Popstar included in this set. The all-new GPK series is fantastic and they’ve only continued to get cooler ever since it first came back on the scene a few years ago. By all-new series-4, (one of my favorites), I was totally hooked. The people behind them really enjoy what they’re doing and it shows in the work. More often than not, the quality of art even steps up a notch surpassing the richness old school GPK fans remember while maintaining the same outrageous sensibilities that made GPK so great to begin with. Each card is a bizarre work of art. They’re very detailed paintings. I collect GPK so for me; being in this set is like the lowbrow art equivalent of a Grammy! The pop culture references in GPKs are always a lot of fun to spot and to become one of them is a real honor. I love it.”

The rich artwork, straight from Topps' Garbage Pail Kids All-new Series 7, also graced the cover of the “Rock ‘Em O-Sock ‘Em Live!” CD. The cover, (painted by John Pound) was named #2 on Smashing Magazine’s 100 obscure and remarkable CD covers alongside the legendary Beatles “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” and modern day classics like Green Day’s “21st Century Breakdown” artwork by world-renowned UK graffiti artist Banksy.

Each Limited Edition CD digipak includes an exclusive Osaka Popstar-Garbage Pail Kids Trading Card inside. Not a sticker, but an authentic GPK trading card from the Topps Company themselves. In addition to the trading card, a variant version of the artwork is printed full panel inside the digipak and also available as a T-shirt.

The OP-GPK bonus card inside each Ltd. Ed. digipak was numbered by the Topps Company "P1" (promo 1) with the character name "Rock'Em O-Sock'Em". True to traditional GPK series releases, an alternate "b" version of the trading card numbered "P2" (with the character name "Drum Kit") was available as a free giveaway from Topps at NY Comic Con.

Artist John Pound informs that the popular Garbage Pail Kids craze began as a by-product of the Wacky Packages series:

"GPKs were born through Wacky Packages. Art Spiegelman called me in the 80's to do some Wacky Packages paintings for Topps. I did a few. One was a "Garbage Pail Kids" doll, looking like a bum in a trashcan, inside a doll package. But instead of doing the GPK as a Wacky Package, Topps decided it would work better to do GPKs as a series. So they asked me for some ideas and sketches, and soon I had to do a lot of cute and gross paintings really fast. Who knew it would be so popular?”

For more info visit:

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